Store videos without professional monitoring, cellular plan, etc

Why is the pro plan offered with an all or none option? I have a 3 year old, 2 large dogs, a cat, and several family members that stop by without notice quite often, so the pro plan doesn’t work for me since my alarm gets tripped by accident ALL THE TIME! I also don’t see the need in cellular backup since I’m an IT administrator and have plenty of other backup options that don’t require keeping a sim card active on the very rare occasion power goes out at my house. With the self monitoring plan, the camera is basically useless unless I’m sitting on the app on my phone all day, so I can NEVER SEE what’s going on when it says there’s motion at my door. It takes 2-5 minutes EVERY time for the app to load the live view for me to see what’s going on even in the minimized window on my android phone and by that time, it’s TOO LATE!!! I got the camera and security system for the fact I could self monitor, but all the features ring bragged about with it are ONLY AVAILABLE with the professional monitoring. So if I constantly have false alarms multiple times a day, does that mean the security team at Ring will adapt to those false alarms or will I be forced to take a phone call or risk being charged with a federal crime for a false alarm because my life at home is pure chaos and I was forced into signing up for features that DON’T FIT MY CIRCUMSTANCES FOR ONE FEATURE I WANT?! I REALLY only wanted the ability to locally store videos on my security base station, but my motivation has more to do with protecting my daughter than making sure I don’t have porch pirates. My 3 year old has unlocked and snuck out the door on several occasions, so I got it to help protect her, but it’s useless for that unless I get the pro plan. I’m also partially deaf, so trying to talk to someone on the phone with an alarm siren going off, a screaming child, 2 barking dogs, and my husband yelling turn that off already in the background! isn’t going to do anything more than waste time for everyone. So many other security system companies/brands offer local video storage without professional monitoring plans, why doesn’t ring?