Storage location for CarCam

Right now, only video captured from my clicking on Live view is stored in the cloud. Video from driving and from motion at my car is stored locally. That’s exactly backwards! EVERYTHING should be stored in the cloud. Except maybe live clips. As it stands now,

  1. If I get in an accident and the camera is damaged or destroyed, I have no way to prove that I wasn’t at fault. And,
  2. If someone breaks into my car to vandalize it or steal it, all they need to do is to steal or destroy the device and any incriminating and/or identifying video is lost.

Those are the two main scenarios that prompted me to buy the thing in the first place. I can’t for the life of me understand why Ring decided that the two main reasons that I’m sure many people want auto security would be the two that they’d make impossible.

Steve Wilson

This is really surprising. I am not able to access my driving video as Cam is OFF (to save battery which is expected). But why can’t they sync the videos when connected to WiFi or LTE upfront.