Stop Phone Alerting me when Chime 2nd Gen is installed

Hello all

I am relatively new to the Ring Video Doorbells.

I do not know if I have just missed an Option, so, if anyone could offer some insight it would be appreciated.

I have the Video Doorbell 2nd Gen and the Plug In Chime 2nd Gen.

When someone Rings the Doorbell, the Chime Sounds which is how it should be, however, my Phone also Alerts me.

When I am at Home, is there anyway to stop my Phone Alerting me that someone has Pressed the Doorbell as having the Chime Sound and also my Phone Alerting me is redundant, and distracting.

Maybe, only have the Phone Alert when the Phone is outside the Geofencing Area?

Thanks in advance


Hi @KNCowans. Have you tried using Modes for Cameras? This allows you to control how your phone behaves in a certain Mode. You can learn more about this feature here. Additionally, if you want to silence alerts, you can use the Snooze feature. I hope this helps!