Stop changing the interface

Ring stop changing the apps interface and stop trying to sell us stuff from the app. I don’t need an unnecessary button called accessories in my app.

Companies are always going to update their interfaces.
What app do you see an “Accessories” button? I have the Android version and don’t see it.

Ironhide1975 -

You have correctly identified one of the many examples of obnoxious/inappropriate marketing/advertising in the Ring app.

There is obviously no excuse for including the Accessories tile in the Ring app at all – let alone in a prominent position on the main screen for each Ring camera device.

If you think about it, the high-profile placement of the Accessories tile is incredibly offensive. Depending on the size and orientation of your computing device, you may have to scroll down to view important tiles you actually want to use… while valuable real estate is being taken up by an advertising tile.

I don’t think anyone can possibly make a case for claiming that an advertising tile is the most important tile on the screen. (In an emergency, will your first thought be to check out which Ring accessories may be available for purchase?)

In any case… congratulations on being a savvy consumer!