Stolen Ring Solar Pathlights

It never ceases to amaze me what people will steal. While leaving for dinner tonight I noticed someone stole 3 of my Ring Solar Pathlights! I was excited to see that Ring will replace stolen Ring devices. What a great policy! Then I was very disappointed that it only covers cameras. If you can afford as a company to replace a camera why not a light that’s a fraction of the price.

I’m filing a police report, but I’d like to know are the lights tied to my account so no one else could set them up in their account? I realize they could function as simple solar lights, but I feel like there should be a way to mark them stolen to prevent anyone else with a ring system to add them to their account.

Hi @AdamMSP. I’m sorry to hear about what happened. I would recommend reporting this theft to the police, and then following the device theft policy outlined here. The replacement of stolen Ring devices is a courtesy, so I can’t guarantee a replacement, but that is the process we ask neighbors to follow in the event that their Ring device was stolen.

Assuming you have a Ring Bridge that you used to set the Solar Pathlights up in the Ring app, they will still be associated with your Ring account. You should still be able to see them listed in the Ring app as well. Ring devices can only be set up under one Ring account at a time, so they would not be able to set up the Pathlights in the Ring app.

Hi @Caitlyn_Ring Thanks for confirming that they will be locked to my account. 2 of the 3 are in sleep mode. We’ve had bitterly cold weather here in MN and most of them went into sleep mode to protect them due to the extreme cold. But one of them is actually still showing connected to my Ring Bridge! There’s only 2 houses on the other side of me, I know those neighbors well so I trust they didn’t take them. The other side is an apt complex and my bridge is near a window on that side of the house. So I suspect someone over there stole them.

I read that Ring devices can utilize Amazon Echo devices with Sidewalk enabled to help connect to my system. Does that apply to the ring solar lights? If that’s true and they were further away, say a few miles, but they were near someone else’s Amazon Echo that had sidewalk enabled, would they utilize that persons device to connect back to my system? Or would they physically have to be close to my bridge for them to be showing as active on my system?

@AdamMSP. There are a lot of different possible hypothetical situations that we could discuss, but I can’t really speculate on these. I’d recommend reviewing this Help Center article regarding Amazon Sidewalk for more information on how this feature works. Since your Pathlights are set up under your Ring account, whoever took them would not be able to set them up under their app and have any control over them.