Still detecting person/motion on low battery?

My Ring doorbell 4 is on battery and is currently at 15%. I won’t be able to get home to change it until tomorrow. Currently my live view is disabled due to low battery. But just wondering if it would still detect motions/person at the front door?

Hi @user47391. If you still have battery life left, your device will still detect and record motion. Live View is disabled to ensure that your device can still do this.

My battery has been at 3 percent for a couple of days now and I have not gotten any motion notifications even tho I walk right in front of it. Is it still recording and saving?

Hi @user65280. I’d recommend fully charging the battery for your Ring Doorbell, as it is almost completely drained at 3%. Once you fully charge the battery, put it back in the Doorbell and then trigger a test event by ringing the bell or triggering a motion event.