Stickup Cam with Solar - "always on"

I have a Ring Stickup Cam with attached Solar (even though in the app is says “Solar Status not established”) and we’re lucky enough here that over winter I don’t think I’ve seen battery get below 96% so would love an option to treat that power source similar to mains to keep the camera always alive (or more activly checking to see if I’m trying to access it) … currently I frquently have to sit waiting while the app “connects to device” by which time whatever had started my dog barking is long gone!

I’d be happy with a simple “off/on” option to start with to see how this does impact battery life and the ability for solar to keep it going, but over time would love some intelligence so it learns (over the day, and over the year) what usage and power supply looks like to optimize conenctivity while not compromising run-time…

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