Stick Up Cams not recording motion

I have two stick up cameras that were initally easy to install. After 3 days, both cameras stopped recording events. While I have the ProProtect plan, I am still in the trial phase. Agent said this should not matter but have called twice and both the guy and women I spoke to had such think accents, I could not understand other suggestions they made. Have rebooted without success. Did not expect such poor support.

Hi @user18715. I moved your reply over to a new post, as it is describing a different concern than the original thread. When you say your Stick Up Cams do not record events, do you mean that they are not detecting motion at all? If you look at the Event History, do you see any motion events listed? Are you able to access the Live View? I’m happy to offer some general troubleshooting tips and tricks once I have a better idea of what you’re experiencing. :slight_smile: