Stick Up Cams & Chime

Hi all,

We have a 1 x pro doorbell, 2 x stick up cams outside and 1 x chime.

Is there a way of muting the chime for 1 or both of the stick up cams only when you are muting them on your device (phone etc)?

We still need the chime to sound for motion or ring at the front door. Would like to be able to mute the chime for the cams when we are out in the garden/drive. We know how to mute/snooze on our phones but can’t do it with the chime unless we snooze the chime for all 3 ring devices (which we don’t want to do)

Is this possible?


Hi @Shutter. The best way to accomplish this would be to open the Ring app and select the Chime. Next, select Audio Settings and Chime Alerts, then you can toggle off alerts for a specific device. When you are ready for alerts, you can toggle that setting back on. I hope this helps.

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Thanks Tom! That would work :smiley:

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