Stick up camera not detecting motion at night and activating linked light group

I need help troubleshooting my issue. I have a stick up camera installed outside, 7 feet above ground. it’s a fairly dark area. It’s not seeing human motion and turning on linked lighting group.
Settings are…

Detection sensitivity - max
motion snooze - not on
device health - good
smart alerts - on
motion schedules - avoid times - none selected
advanced motion detection - on
lighting group links - on
motion detection/alerts - on
motion zones - set to proper area and within 30 ft
motion frequency - regular
live action pic - does show that body is visible and only 10 ft from camera

i have a nearby ring doorbell linked to the same lighting group and it is ID’ing human motion and turning on linked lights.

Suggestions? do i have a defective camera? it has successfully turned on the lights intermittently (very rare).

UPDATE 8/2/23…it worked last night. hate those intermittent failures because you never find out what the real issue was. it was a full moon, so maybe more ambient light helped. i’ll just have to keep an eye out on it going forward. ugh…

Under Device Settings/Video Settings, make sure Infrared Lights for Night Vision is turned on.