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I have just purchase a Stick Up cam and wondered if it is contiually in Recording mode or whether it justs records when it detects motion?

Where do I access the recordings where there has been no motion detection?

In addition, I am entitled to 30 day Free Trial, do I need to do anything in order to start this trial?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Great questions, @depurnell! A recording is only saved if you are subscribed, or in the free trial period. When you not subscribed to a Protect Plan, or within trial period, your videos will not be saved, and can only be viewed live.

Events that will initiate a video are motion events, ring events (for doorbells), and live views. These are the only times when your device will trigger video and recording. At Ring we value your security and your privacy, thus there are various options in the Ring app such as the motion record toggle and other privacy related settings.

When subscribed to a Protect Plan, or in trial, and an event occurs, this recording can be found in your event history section of the Ring app, or even by reviewing your timeline history from the dashboard view in the Ring app. Activating your free 30 day trial is as simple as setting up the device. Once setup successfully in the Ring app, your device should automatically initiate the trial period. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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Great, so if I enable live View on My Home Mode then it will be continually recording even if I am not watching the Live View?

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In regards to Live View; live streaming a video in the Ring app will only continue for the length of time you are actively viewing. If you leave the Ring app or close the video view (“hang up” on the stream), the streaming will end. Alternatively, if you remain viewing a Live View or live streamed event, a live video will only stream for up to 10 minutes before it automatically ends. A live streaming of any event is dependant upon you “answering” the notification, or triggering a Live View from the Ring app.

As for recordings, if you do not answer an event notification or trigger a Live View from the Ring app, the video duration recorded for any triggered and unanswered event is based on device model and recording length settings. Depending on power type, your Camera will record an unanswered event for either 30 seconds or a minute, by default.

Hi, I’ve got both a door bell and added the stick up cam. They both record only when activated. These captures are easily played back. underneath on your display. Id recommend the lifetime warranty plan too as it covers anything. Let me know how you get on with your WiFi connectio

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