Stick Up Cam Siren?

Hi all

From what I have seen on Youtube reviews and reading articles online, the Stickup cam (which I have just purchased from Amazon UK) has a siren. But I cannot figure out how to enable it in the Ring app. Do you need to have the full alarm system before the siren option becomes available? I was hoping it was something which could be manually enabled on the camera if you were viewing and saw an intruder etc? Or possibly something which could automatically trigger if the camera detects motion. Am I wrong? Im sure the camera does have a siren because I’ve watched this youtube video review which shows the siren working:

Any advice appreciated!

Hi @mattlove. When you select the Stick Up Cam from the Dashboard and go to the Live View screen, there will be a symbol ((!)) that you can press. It will prompt you to Activate siren. Additionally, from the device screen you will see an option that says SIREN outlined in red. I’ve attached a photo of my Floodlight Cam for you to reference.

Hi Tom, I’d thought I’d ping you a quick reply on this, as what you posted originally is not entirely correct. The functionality you describe is only available for Ring Spotlight cams - not the stick up cam.

We have a series of both types of camera set up externally. You’ll note from my screen grabs from the Ring app that my Spotlight cam options are the same as yours. However, the stick up cams siren can ONLY be activated in live view - they don’t have the short cut activation from the Home Screen device list (from the ‘•••’ icon, or in the ‘device settings’ screen.

I have to say, I can’t think of any obvious rationale as to why the functionality is missing from the Stick up cam - given that it has the same siren feature, you’d think it would replicate the same UX flow in the Ring app.