Stick Up Cam Plug In 3rd Gen thinks it's a Stick Up Cam Solar 3rd Gen

One of my Stick Up Cams, which is wired for power, suddenly thinks it’s a Solar Cam! This just changed all by itself today. The product name has changed and it now shows Solar Status “connected”. I have no solar panel and it’s definitely a battery camera wired for power just like my other camera.

Any suggestions?

Hi @Cowboyken. I suggest going to your Device Health menu and adjusting this information. You should see this under the Power section. Alternatively, you can reset your device and reconnect it to WiFi. This will prompt you to select your power source. You can perform a reset by pressing and holding the Setup Button for 20 seconds, then releasing. Let me know if this helps!

Done all that. Camera went back to normal then 2 hours later thinks it’s solar powered again!!
Now 3 days later and my second camera has done the same thing! It now thinks its solar powered!!
Spoke to Ring customer services for an hour and they dont have a clue!! Took me that long to convince them that i dont have solar panels!

I suspect a firmware update has screwed them up but i cant prove that.

By the way cameras are working fine but just think they’re solar powered.

So today both my cameras have gone back to normal. They both are now ‘stick up cam plug in 3rd gen’. Dont know if Ring sent a firmware change or not as i dont know the version of the software.

I’ll keep an eye on them for a while!

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Hey there, @Cowboyken. That is certainly odd, but I’m glad your devices are now operating as they should.

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Not really the point if i cant rely on them!

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