Stick up Cam no longer recognizes connection to solar panel

I’ve had a stick up cam ever since Ring rolled it out many years ago. When Ring introduced the solar panel, I immediately purchased it and connected it to my stick up cam. For years, the solar panel has kept my stick up cam fully charged and I haven’t had to recharge the battery using a USB cable and power outlet ever since until recently.

First issue I noted after a major app upgrade is that the app doesn’t recognize that the stick up cam is connected to a solar charging panel. See first attachment. I thought it was a problem with the app because the app also incorrectly shows that my Ring video doorbell (version 1) is connected to a solar charger even though it is hardwired. See 2nd attachment. When the stick up cam battery charging status dropped to low despite being attached to the solar charging panel, I realized that there’s a problem with the actual Ring devices themselves. I checked the USB cable connection between the stick up cam and solar charging panel (good) and performed a hard reset to the stick up cam, but it still isn’t charging.

In sum, I have 2 issues:

  1. Why isn’t the solar charging panel charging my stick up cam battery?

  2. Why does the Ring app show the solar charger status as “connected” for my hardwired Ring 1 video doorbell that has no solar charging panel? Why does the Ring app show that my stick up cam isn’t connected to a solar charging panel when in fact, it actually is connected?

Hey @Lalalu. Thank you so much for detailing what you are noticing on your end, as well as the in-app errors you are seeing. Are you possibly able to remove the devices from your account (please save any video you need before hand) and then reset them to then re-add them to your account? To reset the Doorbell and the Stick Up Cam, please press and hold down the setup button for 20 seconds. Once the reset is done, please re-set up the device on your Ring app. From there, please let me know if the Ring app is showing the correct information for both the Doorbell, as well as the Stick Up Cam!