Stick Up Cam Battery

Have Several Ring Devices! All work well!
Just purchased a new Stick Up Cam!
Can’t get 24 Hours out of Battery!
Adjusted All settings to lowest settings!
Only get a occasional Event!
Tried a Solar Panel! Same Results!!!?
Anyone else with New Generation Stick Up Cam battery drainage too fast?

Sorry to hear about this experience @Bob1stt! Your battery should not be draining that quickly, however, often times new devices will not be fully charged out of the box. I recommend charging it again, for several hours until it reaches 100%, and monitoring battery levels.

As you mentioned having only occasional events, please also ensure not to have too many live view or lengthy live view attempts. Wifi signal strength is another important factor for battery life, as a interfered signal makes more work for the router and Camera. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: