Stick Up Cam Battery detection problems

I have recently purchased 2 x Stick up cam battery version (3rd gen) and they work fine with detection inside the house.
My problem is when I put the cam against a window looking outside that it will not detect motion.
Can anyone tell me what is the max detect distance for these cams and why my cams will not detect through glass window ?
I am getting a RSSI of -53 for one and -58 for the other device.
I have them working off of the latest version 4 Virgin hub which improves wifi connections.
Thanks for your help on this.


Hi @cjpxs. We don’t recommend facing your Stick Up Cam directly against a window, as the glass can impact your Cam’s ability to detect motion accurately. You can read more about how motion detection in Ring devices works here. If you relocate the Camera so that it is not looking through a window, you should see better results with the motion detection. I hope this helps clear things up for you. :slight_smile: