Stick up battery cam 3rd gen IR lights

Hi all, this is probably a simple question and I am being stupid… but can anyone tell me if the IR leds on this camera are on continuously during the night or do they switch on and off when motion is detected? I have covered the blue light to disguise when the camera is recording, but do the IR’s also give the game away?

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Hey there, @broomgrove. The Stick Up Cam features four infrared LEDs that allow customers to see clearly in the dark. Automatic Light Sensing allows Stick Up Cam to know when the lighting has dimmed enough to automatically activate the night vision feature. This is intended to operate for night vision, or low light adjustment. The Stick Up Cam also uses infrared motion capturing to detect motion within its field of view.

While the lights shall not be constant, it is always worth checking the lighting of the area and number of motions if you are seeing these IR lights often. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Hello @broomgrove ,

That is a good question, and I wanted to add a little more to what @Marley_Ring already said, because the way the camera’s Infrared Light-Emitting Diode (IR LED) and the Night-Vision-mode function often causes confusion for people.

I do know that with my 2nd Generation Plug-in Stick-Up cameras, that these IR LEDs are ON continuously during the night, and so I’m guessing the 3rd Generation Battery operates the same way (but maybe not). IR LED lights are hidden behind the black-glassy-portion of your cam, and if you look closely at your cam at night, you can see the faint red glow. These IR LEDs glow very dimly and are not at all as bright as the Blue LED. I feel that they do NOT “give the game away” (but you might notice some flying moths or insects just at dusk, because insects can detect these IR lights better than you).

As @Marley_Ring said, your Stick-up camera will automatically “Decides on its own” when it will to go into Night-Mode, by utilizing a built-in photocell. You do not have mode control over when it switches from Day-Vision mode to Night-Vision mode. But there is no need to use tape to cover the IR LEDs because you do have control the LEDs.

Use your mobile’s Ring App and go to the “Device Setting” of your video device, and then select “Video Settings” and there is a toggle for “Infrared Lights for Night Vision”, which controls whether the IR LEDs will illuminate or not while in Night-Mode. With the “Infrared Lights for Night Vision” toggled ON, then the IR LEDs will turn on during Night-Vision-Mode. If you have it toggled OFF, the IR LEDs will remain inoperative and will not illuminate (no tape to cover them is needed). The IR LEDs will always be inoperative when the cam is in Daytime-Mode. This “Infrared Lights for Night Vision” toggle positions does not control when your camera “Decides on its own” to go into Night-Mode. It only controls the IR LEDs. You have this optional control over the LEDs because sometimes surrounding reflective materials near your camera lens can cause reflected glare back into the lens.

I hope this information is helpful to you :slight_smile:


Sorry but the options you are describing is no longer available on the app. I need to turn these IR lights off as my stick up can elite is pointing out of a window.