Steplight as Porch light

I have a small outdoor shed and I think the solar step light would be perfect as a porch light. Will the steplight work as an overhead light?"

I have a steplight and works great on my side path. However its limitations are in somewhat low brightness and seemingly short range in motion detection. Of course it needs to also get the appropriate sunlight.

Check into the new Ring Wall Light Solar that is just now coming out on Amazon or Ring store. It’s about twice as long, 800 lumens adjustable, and probably made more for the application you’re thinking of. It is however surprisingly pricey at near $60.

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Thanks for the response. I saw that light, but it’s a foot long! Why couldn’t they make it about 8inches ?

Agree, it’s a bit long too. But I guess it allows for more light, both solar intake and output. I mainly think it costs about $15 more than it should. These types of solar wall lights (non smart type) are usually $20 each or even less. $40-45 seems more reasonable for a smart one.