Step Light Notification Sharing

I have a few Ring products at my house, one of which is a step light on the steps leading up to my front door, which I have set to activate my doorbell camera when it detects motion. I did this because our porch is rather large and often it does not trigger the doorbell motion if someone just drops off a package. It’s difficult to balance the motion settings as we are also about 15’ off a street.

When the doorbell records video from being activated by the step light, I receive a notification that the step light detected motion, and there is no notification from the doorbell, naturally.

I have a shared user that also lives at the house. When someone drops off a package, for instance, she receives no notification of motion because I am unable to share the step light with her. Is there a way that anyone is aware to share a non-camera device, such as a step light, with another user?

Hi @Rob71788. At this time, Light Groups and Smart Lighting are unable to be shared with Shared Users. I would suggest looking at our Feature Request Boards and upvote any applicable requests. I have also passed this feedback to our Smart Lighting team and hopefully this feature will be implemented in the future.

It seems insane that I just spent over $300 on step lights and path lights….and to not be able to share them with my partner. What’s the point of having a security system if only one person can control it? Overall we have over $1000 invested in ring products and not being able to share this is rather disappointing. Unless this is fixed quickly, I will never recommend these products to anyone!