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Same for me. I use a Mac for work, and now the desktop app is dead, I am forced to use the ring website. It forces me to re-log in each time I click on a notification to see the live view, and by the time I’ve logged in, the person at the door has gone.

This is a huge backwards step and makes no sense whatsoever.

Looking for alternative doorbell.

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When someone is at my door, or I get a motion alert and I quickly want to bring up my video feeds, I can’t because I’ve been signed out of the browser again! It defeats the purpose when it is so inconvenient to access.

I will tell you this, if a competitor offers a web app that doesn’t do this, you will lose my business to them.

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This option doesn’t work. I’m constantly getting logged out several times per day. Such a frustrating experience. I want to be able to respond to alerts quickly, not have to sign in everytime and often go thrrough 2fa even though I’ve asked to be remembered. Please fix this.

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I agree, it’s so frustrating to have to connect again every time I want to open my live feed in my web browser… It doesn’t add any layer of security as the fields are automatically filled in by Chrome…

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Doesn’t help, it’s not what the issue is…
The issue is that it’s keep asking for login when opening the live feed, even if you’re already connected.

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This is absolutely pathetic that I need to enter my password every time I want to go to live view, by the time the password is entered I’ve missed what I wanted to see. Stop conflating your paranoid brand protection with protecting users privacy and just fix this issue - everyone knows you are being painful in response to your negligent past and you could have put built effective controls in the first place.

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Not solved for me. I can never stay logged in for 24 hrs on Chrome. I probably have to log in 5-6 times per day. No clearing cache, etc. during that time.

Still broken, why ask to save credentials, “are you sure?” … etc, and then not honor that???

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For a while I thought maybe one of my extensions was causing the issue. I’ve tried the remember me for 30days on multiple machines (new os install, zero extensions) and like everyone else, I’m still constantly having to login. It isn’t a hard concept to get, not sure your having so much trouble resolving this.

The “stay logged in for 30 days” fix simply doesn’t work (tested on Firefox/Windows and Chrome/Android - neither worked).

It also shouldn’t be required, but hey ho - whatever band aid floats your crazy boat.

Being repeatedly logged out within 24 hours and having to log back in each time with 2FA just to browse a forum is a total ball ache and ensures I won’t be frequenting this community any longer than I have to.

As I like to engage in the communities of the products I buy, it’s also a huge barrier to me considering any further Ring product purchases.

Forcing users to log in with 2FA every time they visit the forum is a huge disincentive to anyone remaining engaged in this community any longer than is absolutely necessary.

If it was possible to remain logged in for several weeks or a month, then I’d have absolutely no problem with the occasional 2FA, but having to enter 2FA every time is insane and makes visiting this forum a horrible user experience.

PS. Your 2FA entry field has auto-complete enabled on Chrome/Android which is totally incorrect - disable it.

@Marley_Ring unfortunately the solution in this thread does NOT work - either it never worked, or it’s become broken since February when it was posted as a solution (although to be honest, as a solution it still sucks)… can this be checked? Using this forum is a massive PITA when you are being logged out every hour (it’s literally an hour, but it could even be less).

I’ve never visited a community forum that is so anti-user.

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Using Safari, I also have to log in every single time. Checking the “remember box” does no good.

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@Marley_Ring This does not work as advertised. Browser app will ignore that you have selected “Keep me signed in” and require re-sign in about once an hour. It’s actually faster to just login again then go through the double confirmation that “Keep me signed in” requires.

I have spent over an hour in chat and on phone with Ring “support” and they won’t even give me a way to report this problem to the qa or dev teams.

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That is my problem as well. And it’s gets super frustrating to have to keep logging in even after you click “keep me logged in for 30days” Com on Ring fix this! It’s so annoying and while the app is very useful it doesn’t work! Get your tech people to beef it up! I hate it when tech companies jump out there with a product without having all the kicks ironed out in it! Fix IT JESUS! LOL


Is there any solution to this? I don’t even get to stay logged in for 24 hours. Every time it send me an alert I have to log in again and it’s ridiculous.

may of 2023 - still a problem. it’s almost as if…they aren’t listening…and don’t care… Hm…

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I’ve just been browsing the forum without being logged in, as I normally do (because it’s too much hassle to log in with 2FA EVERY TIME I visit) and I realised that I could post a helpful answer on a couple of threads… but you know what? I just couldn’t be bothered to log in - it was too much hassle to go and get my phone, just so that I could be helpful to someone I don’t know.

So I didn’t engage. And that’s how it’s likely to be in future, for me at least, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

I did however log in specially to make this point, which is likely to be my last post in a long while, as this forum is actively hostile to it’s users and makes engagement much harder than it needs to be.

Please sort out this ridiculous 1-hour log in requirement - it’s absolutely mental. It should be minimum 30+ days, like every other forum on the planet.

If Ring cared even a little bit about their community then they’d have sorted this out a long time ago. The fact they haven’t, speaks volumes I guess.

Oh, and @Marley_Ring you can “unmark” this topic as “Solved” as it obviously has not been solved!

Six months later, still broken. has no intention of fixing this it appears

It’s hard to believe that requires you to log in to a browser to answer the door, wow. So dumb.

Is Nest any good?


It doesn’t work, Marley.

Absolutely frustrating. I can confirm that this is happening in Arc and other chromium browsers.