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Ring needs to allow a user to stay logged into the browser, like every other major company that treats security seriously (hello parent company Amazon!). It’s ridiculous that we have to enter credentials every 24 hours (or whatever the timeout is) to see the dashboard on our PC. Figure this out, Ring!!

Is there a solution to this yet? Seems crazy to get rid of the desktop app, and then not let us stay logged in. I have lastpass, so that makes the tedious relogging in easier, but still. If you’re going to kill the desktop app, then make it easier to run the web based version.


Hey neighbors. You should be able to stay logged in to your Ring account on for up to 24 hours. For security reasons, you may be prompted to re-enter your password prior to the 24-hour period to access certain sections of your Ring account. In addition, clearing your browser’s cache, cookies, or history prior to the 24-hour timeframe may require you to re-enter your password as well. Thank you for your feedback, and I hope this clears this up for you!

NO, this is NOT a solution. There needs to be a way to disable the timeout and just stay logged in for as long as the browser window stays open. Facebook doesn’t log me out automatically after 24 hours. Mail apps like GMail and Outlook don’t log you out after 24 hours. There’s NO REASON for Ring to automatically time out after 24 hours! Maybe have 24 hours be the default, but for those of us who want to quickly switch to a browser window to see our live cams, this timeout is a huge disadvantage compared to the Ring app for Windows! THIS IS NOT HARD. IT IS A TRIVIAL FIX. PLEASE ELIMINATE THE TIMEOUT.


Yes! I do not want to log in every time I reboot the computer. I just want it to work like the app. Keep a window open to monitor my cameras.


I agree that this is totally unacceptable.

I am currently using the Ring app for Windows 10. When the doorbell rings, I can instantly check to see who is there.

The Windows 10 app is being retired in January, but cannot be a replacement for the app when you have to sign in all of the time.

It’s not practical to open up the web page, wait for it to load, then sign in, then wait for live view to open.


Sorry for crashing an old thread. I use Chrome and I don’t so much have a problem with the username/ password prompt every day, but I do have a problem with the 2 factor as well, every time. Is there a way to disable that please?

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This makes sense and honestly I am a bit offended that Ring assumes all people need to have stricter security controls pushed upon them. I don’t want to re-login every time I open it up from my desktop, in my basement because I have other mitigating security controls in place that ensures the security of my desktop and access to ring’s website. Locked doors, dogs, guns, encrypted desktop with smart card authentication and other controls mitigate all risks except the NSA/CIA/FBI.

This is serious enough to consider returning all of the Ring products I bought over Black Friday.


And what do you think the risks are if someone steals my credentials? What could a attacker do?

Yes - this is not acceptable. I run a small home business and need to be able to see who is in my driveway before they ring the doorbell. The website only stays online for about 5 minutes before it logs me off. This happens all day long.

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I am able to stay logged in to my account no problem but it may ask for password to view live view occasionally which is fine as the password is in my password manager. However, I’m not able to stay logged into just my account for viewing cameras and security system. When will this be fixed so it stays logged on for more than a few minutes after I navigate away from the page?

2FA to access the forum is just plain daft.

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I have a pc special with my front door open on the browser on live view to be able to always look at the front yard and it’s so upsetting that every hour ring logs me out from the browser…

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This is so frustrating, why oh why do I continually have to keep logging in my password details to view live dashboard events on my laptop… I stay logged in to view previous history but have to keep logging in to see live events outside my front door!

This is not acceptable, none of my other apps keep logging me out and it does not keep me logged in more than 10 minutes for live view let alone up to 24hrs… Come on Ring, everyone is moaning about this rediculous situation…allow us to keep logged into live view if we wish!!

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When viewing your Ring account via web browser at, there is an option to remain logged in. While entering your login credentials and verifying your account there will be a check box that allows you to remain logged in for 30 days. Check out our Help Center article for more tips on using the Ring web app. Please note that this is not the case for the Ring Community. :slight_smile:

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This doesn’t work for me - even though I checked the remember me for 30 days checkbox, I am still prompted for a password when I respond to a notification.

MacOS 12.2, Safari.


I have no such option to remember my login for 30 days. There’s no checkbox and I can’t find an option anywhere under my account. I’d like to think I know what to look for since I’ve been a web developer for 25 years, but I can’t find it anywhere. But I digress. I get logged off frequently when viewing the live view of any camera through the browser. As someone frequently watching for deliveries, it is frustrating. If I am viewing a live camera, I should not be logged off and forced to have to login again every several minutes.

I too have this - I get motion at my front door - click on the desktop notification and then have to go through login and 2fA. At which point the person has given up and gone. This is utterly broken, you have replaced a good desktop app with a broken website instead.

I am new to this but want to use a web browser as my only means of responding to the doorbell. It seems that if I have been logged on for very long without any activity, I have to reenter my password to answer a ring. That is way too slow. I need to be able to stay logged in and able to respond quickly throughout my work day. Can I do that?

I have been checking that box when I log in, but it doesn’t seem to affect Live View.

I am prompted to log in to Live View nearly every time I use it - which obviously defeats the purpose of the feature.

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