Stay logged in on Windows browsers

I loved the Ring app for Windows and had it open all the time, so that if I got a motion alert I could Alt-Tab to switch to that window and immediately see what was going on, and have a BIG image that allowed you to see details much better than on the phone app. Now the Ring app for Windows is discontinued. We can still log in to our dashboard via a browser, BUT there’s no way I’ve found to STAY LOGGED IN on the browser. Instead, the browser times out, so that when you switch back it forces you to log in again, including two-factor authentication if you have that enabled. It can take 30 seconds or more to get logged in, and by the time the thing you wanted to see on the camera could be long gone.

Would you PLEASE enable a setting that allows users to STAY LOGGED IN on their browser, so we can quickly switch to a browser window on our dashboard and immediately see a live image from our cams? Let us worry about security – nobody is coming into my bedroom to use my browser, and I always lock my laptop when I walk away (and WIndows Dynamic Lock will lock it for me automatically when my phone gets out of range). This automatic timeout of our login is SO ANNOYING and unnecessary!

I use Edge and am able to “remember this browser” at the first login using 2FA. After that I only have to enter username and password.

Yes - this is more than annoying. I have a small business and need to see who is coming in before they get to my door. By the time I log in with 2-factor, they are already here. Ring needs to fix this ASAP!

I’m able to stay logged in on my Safari browser, however for this forum there isn’t a way to stay logged in, I have to log back in with 2FA whenever I leave the site/close the tab for this site.

They discontinued the desktop app in favor of this which is fine, but then no stay signed in option!?! Huge downgrade in functionality, and I’ve already steered away a few people from investing in ring hardware until they fix it.