Starred/Saved Events

All of my Starred/Saved Events have disappeared from my dashboard. Have they been moved somewhere? Is there a way to recover them? Thank you…

Hi @grrlzilla. If you go into your Main Menu > Devices > Select the device with starred events > Event History > Tap the Star Icon at the top right, do you see the starred events here? Please ensure you also have an active Ring Protect Plan in order to still have recorded and saved video history! :slight_smile:

My subscription has been active since 2018 and all my saved starred events are gone. There are only 2 from October 2020.

Hi there, @Ohana! Starred events are a great way to provide yourself with a visual reminder of an important video. As described in our sharing and downloading help center article, starring a video is not the same as downloading, and the events may be deleted per the normal Protect Plan coverage time frame. If you use the star events feature often, we recommend routinely visiting these favorite events before the subscription auto delete time frame, in order to download these videos for saving. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: