Standalone Ring Camera Mounting Options for Battery Spotlight or Battery Floodlights

I have battery cameras with solar panels mounted on the house in my backyard, but I don’t feel as if the light they produce reaches far enough to the rear fence. It still tends be be a bit dark that far out. I would like to place either battery spotlight cams with solar panels or battery floodlight with solar panels to cover these areas. The problem is my backyard is enclosed on three sides my neighbors chain length fences. I don’t want to put the cameras or floodlights too close to the fence so someone can reach over and take them. I want to place the equipment so it is mounted on a post back to back with the solar panels situated above and the cameras or floodlights below. I don’t have the talent or equipment to create such a post from scratch. If Ring sold as an accessory, a mounting post that would accommodate such a setup, it would be greatly appreciated.