Standalone Camera without access to Power and Wifi


I’ll first start by explaining my need…I have an outdoor shed that is on some remote property that has no access to power and has no internet connection. I would like to have the ability to stand up a standalone camera to be used with the need for either of those but can communicate via LTE.

I know the camera can be powered with a solar panel, however I’m under the impression that I would still need to have a base station to communicate with the camera. The solar panels will not connect to said base stations.

Is there another option for me that I haven’t stumbled across?


Hi @Scrooge5959. At this time, Ring does not offer any Security Cameras that do not require power and wifi, so there is not an option through Ring that would fit what you’re looking for. Also I’d like to clarify that the Ring Solar Panels are designed to connect directly to a compatible Ring Camera. They do not connect to the Base Station, as the Base Station is for the Ring Alarm system. I’ll leave your post in the Feature Request board since it is a request for a device that we do not currently have.