Spotlight Pro Randomly Disconnects

I have three Ring devices. Doorbell 3, Spotlight Pro Wired & Floodlight Pro Wired.

Every few days (at random) my Spotlight Pro Wired camera will show as offline in the app, disconnect from WiFi, the floodlight will stop working and the camera will show a solid blue light. Other devices continue to remain operational and connected to WiFi, including my Doorbell 3 which is located directly under the suspect Spotlight Pro cam.

To resolve the issue, I have to reboot the Spotlight Pro camera by manually turn off the power. This will enable it to work for another few days.

This is beginning to get frustrating. Has anybody else experienced this before?


Hi @birdman0. What is the RSSI number listed on the Device Health page for the Spotlight Cam? This gives us an indication of the signal strength for that device. Also, are you experiencing this issue with the Floodlight as well, or only the Spotlight Cam?

I have a Spotlight Cam Pro using solar which started doing the same thing last week after 6 months of solid performance. The camera is up-to-date and three other cameras have been performing without any issues. If I wait a while, or reboot the router, the camera comes back online. The long delay before the first event and the randomness of the drop-outs makes it seem like it is a hardware issue, so when I have time, I will call the Ring 1-800 line, but I was hoping someone else might have some additional info to share.

Hi @mgerdes. This sounds like it may be a network issue. What is the RSSI for this device? The RSSI can be found in the Device Health menu of this Ring app.

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