Spotlight Mount and Wired Light Schedule

I have the Floodlight on the side of my house always turn its lights on from 6-11pm every day. I have a Spotlight Mount on the front of my house and I would like to do the same thing. Sure, I could replace it with another Floodlight, but that’s too much light - I picked the Spotlight for a reason.

I understand this could be an issue for battery powered Spotlights, but the Mount and Wired models have constant power, so I don’t see why they can’t have the Light Schedule feature added.


Completely agree. I picked up a Spotlight Cam over the Floodlight Cam because I needed the ability to mount under an eave and that isn’t recommended with the Floodlight Cam. I was very disappointed to find out that I could not keep the lights on overnight with the Spotlight Cam.