Spotlight Motion Features

I have a few questions about the battery-powered (wireless) Spotlight (non-cam) found here:

I have spent two hours on the phone in two separate occasions, speaking to supervisors, that have not been able to assist me. They have also indicated that I am not able to speak to anyone in the “Smart Lighting Department.” Additionally, they were not able to provide me with a digital manual for this product.

My questions are;

  1. Does the Spotlight have a motion sensor? (this is a point of contention amongst the company reps I spoke with, despite me asking for clarity of the small round item that sits at the bottom of the light.)

If there is a motion sensor;
2. Are there any settings for it? (I realize there is no cam, hence it will not have the ‘motion zone feature’.)
3. Is there any literature available that illustrates the motion sensor settings? (I’ve seen something that looks like a pie chart in quarters that allows the width to be set, and depth as well,… but the Ring reps had no idea what I was talking about.)

If there is no sensor on the light itself;
4. Can I use the ‘bridge’ item to connect to my “Video Doorbell 2” and use that to activate the Spotlight?
5. If not a Video Doorbell 2, is there a list of specific products the Spotlight needs to be connected with to be activated?

Any clarity from experience and knowledge of certainty will be greatly appreciated.

Hi @nikana. As you can see in the image below, shared from the link you provided, motion detection is a feature that the Ring Spotlight has.

You can find a digital manual for all of our Smart Lighting products here.

The motion settings on the Ring Smart Lighting are not similar to the motion settings that our cameras have. The Smart Lighting has “Low-Medium-High-Custom (1-5)”, not like the “pie chart” you mentioned.

The Bridge is used a “hub” to group all of the Smart Lights together. You can then use the Linked Devices feature to link Doorbell motion to a Smart Light Group. You can find out more about this here.

Let me know if things brings clarity to your Smart Lighting questions.