Spotlight Camera Pro power cable

I own a new Spotlight Camera Pro and getting tired of charging the batteries installed. The nearest outlet plug is around 50ft from the camera.

Is there a 50 ft power cable for this camera?
I would even enterain a solar panel but that would have to be even longer due to HOA rules on solar panels in our neighborhood. I have to hide it on the side of the house and that length is 75 ft.

Hi @pchoustontx. We don’t have any power cables that are 50 or 75 feet long. For the Spotlight Cam Pro, the additional power options are the Indoor Outdoor Power Adapter measuring about 20 feet, and the Solar Panel with a power cable measuring about 14 feet. There is also an extension cable for the Solar Panel which adds about 10 feet to the length of the cable.

You’re welcome to add your suggestion for longer power cables to our Feature Request board, so other neighbors can comment and add interest as well. We use the Feature Request board to gather and share new ideas with our teams.

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