Spotlight Cam Won't Connect to Hotspot but Shows on Network During Setup

I have a Spotlight Cam Battery/Solar and it connects to my home and office network fine, but will not connect to our hotspot, despite having an additional Spotlight Cam get connected to an identical hotspot with no problem. I’ve been trying for 4 days. I have reset and rebooted the camera and the hotspot. I’ve forgotten networks. The key thing for me is I can see the ring camera (RingSpotlightCam-bc) on the WiFi network during setup, but setup still stops at 95% and then throws the “try again” error screen, then drops the network. I don’t know what’s happening at 95%.

Hi @habitatpgw. I was able to find this Community post where another neighbor was discussing using a hotspot as well. There is a solution to the post.

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