Spotlight Cam Wired


Looking at to ordering the wired spotlight Cam. Can anyone advise if there is a plug already on thr wire provided? As i would prusume there wouldnt be so you can feed the wire into the house.

However thought best to check? Has anyone got any pictures of this?

Good question, @AndrewK93The Spotlight Camera Wired comes with a wire that has a plug attached at the end. This plug should not be removed, and we advise not making any alterations that are not intended by design to the device as this can void warranty. We recommend ensuring there is an outlet nearby the desired mounting location. There is also a hardwired kit accessory available as an alternative. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the response. I find this quite strange that there is a plug attached as I would of thought it would make it awkward to mount as the cable would be exposed, thus meaning that someone could easily cut the wire to the camera and no one is going to drill a massive whole for the plug to fit though.

I noticed the hard wire kit, however if there is a plug attached, I don’t understand on how that works then. Seems no information is provided online for this either. Do you remove the cable provided with the camera and replace with this hardware kit?

I would prefer to know this information before spending money to find out it’s not what I want or it’s a waste of money

I’m definitly not saying to do it, however, couple videos out there on the process show that the cable can quite easily be removed and then readded. Looks like it’s held in by a couple of screws and no soldering so all you would need is a hole large enough for the cable.

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Hello @AndrewK93,

Have a look at these 2 links. 1 is a Ring Support video while the other is a Ring Support article.

Hope these help.

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Hello AndrewK93,

I bought the hardwired kit from Ring. It is well built and robust. The holder reminded me of a “Starter” that used to be on the Batten of fluorescent tube. Last year when installing the Spotlight Wired, I unscrewed the security screw thinking it will help me twist and turn the spotlight where I wanted it to and the spotlight just came out of its base mount where the cable is attached.
The back of the spotlight that came out of the base looked like the Starter of a fluorescent tube light.
Attached some pictures of the Hardwired Kit. Hope this helps. Cheers