Spotlight cam wired swapping for a Spotlight pro wired, using the same wire

Hi, I have the Spotlight cam wired (not hard wired, just using a plug) already installed, with the power cable going through the wall to connect it.
Im thinking of upgrading to the Pro version. Would just be a case of swapping out the old cam for the Pro cam, using the existing power cable?

I think a better way to ask the question is, can a spotlight cam power cable from an outlet, be used to wire a spotlight cam pro?

Hi @splankton. The Spotlight Cam Pro Wired is a battery powered Spotlight Cam Pro that comes with the Hardwired Kit in order to hardwire it to high voltage (100-240V). The Spotlight Cam Pro Plug-In comes with a USB-C power adapter that plugs into a standard power outlet, which would be the closest replacement to your current Spotlight Cam Wired. The power cables will be different, as our newer Cameras use USB-C, so you would want to replace the current cable you have running through the wall.

Is it possible to cut the power cable I have coming out my wall, and then hardwire to the pro cam?

@splankton No, the Spotlight Cam Pro Wired needs to be installed with the Hardwired Kit to high voltage (100-240V). It cannot be DIY hardwired with a cut power cable from a previous model Spotlight Cam Wired.

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