Spotlight cam solar (with barrel plug) in cold weather

does anyone know which plug in accessory will work with my spotlight cam solar?? its been very cold here (5 degrees and below during the day) and the batteries just wont hold up and i’d like to convert it to use the household power. i found this adapter Indoor/Outdoor Power Adapter | Stick Up Cam Plug-In | Ring but i’m not sure if it will work with the camera i have, i would also like to know if this will power the camera or just charge the batteries or even cure my problem when its cold out. if this wont work does anyone know if there is such an adapter?? thank you for any help!

Hi @johnrockett04. Unfortunately, this will not work with your Spotlight Cam Solar. There is not a way to convert your Battery Operated Spotlight Cam to a “plug-in” or hardwired power source. However, this is a great idea and I would suggest adding it to our Feature Request Board. This will allow other neighbors to add interest and vote for your Feature Request.