Spotlight cam (Solar), and SmartLighting

Recently I purchased the Smartlights to go with my Spotlight Cameras.

Pre installation of the Smartlights. I was able to link some of the the cameras together and it worked with no issues. However once I installed the Ring SmartLighting, now all of my previously linked Spotlight Cameras are acting weird. I lined one of my smartlights to a camera. the Recording fuction works with no issues, it is the lighting that is acting off. Pathlight detects motion, the Spotlight camera that is linked to that light, begins to record, and then the light blinks twice and then turns off and goes into Night Vision. I removed it from the link, and the spotlight camera works with no issues.

Then I check my other links, I have my Ring Doorbell, and Spotlight camera, connected and it does the same thing. It turns on the Camera, the Light blinks twice and turns off.

What could be the issue?

Also I dont know if this is relevant, At times I notice that the Bridge is offline, and then refreshes, and it is back on line