Spotlight Cam Plus Plug-In not working

I’ve a brand new Spotlight Cam Plus that commes with a long USB-C lead attached to an adaptor and a UK 3 pin plug. Very quickly the cam lost power, the supplied USB-C lead would not charge my phone when tested but the cam did work when I attached it to a very short USB-C tablet charger. Ring supplied a new USB-C lead and adaptor and that worked for all of one day. No matter how many times I unplug/replug the USB-C supplied lead there is no sign of any life in the cam. When I take it inside and connect it to the 30cm tablet charger, the little blue light comes one and the cam works, but is of no use inside on a 30cm lead. Any advice would be appreciated, currently tempted to ask Ring for a return.


I am having the same issue. It happened once, RING sent a new cord and it happened again. I paid to run the cord through a wall, twice… do better Ring!


The same has happened to mine. Supplied power adapted failed after a few days. I got a notification in the app to tell me the battery was low (my device doesn’t have a battery installed?) then it failed immediately after. Testing on a different adapter works fine, just no power coming from the Ring USB-C anymore.

Support is sending me a replacement, fingers crossed this one doesn’t fail also!

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I am having the same problem with mine it was working fine on the power adapter lead supplied then I started getting messages that it had lost power then reconnected to power repeatedly, think I will have to phone support and get a new power lead.

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I am also having this issue with a new Spotlight Cam Plus Plug-In.

So far I have used two USB-C Plug’s provided by ring and both have failed. It looks like an issue with the adapter but I haven’t been able to get it open yet to check the insides.

I am having the same issue but am not able to reach out to ring support.