Spotlight Cam Light Time Adjustable

Hello, it would be great for spot light camera lights to be adjustable longer than 30 seconds with motion. Mine is wired to solar panel and doesn’t use battery. Thank you

Totally agree. Surprised this isn’t already in the base functionality

As others have said - when you drive up at night - the light goes out pretty much before you get out of your car - pretty useless unless it can be altered to stay on longer - with a solar powered supply, clearly this is not going to drain it anything significantly - and all the mechanisms are clearly available in the hard wired versions so it shouldn’t be a stretch to add to the solar powered spotlights ??? From a security point of view - if there was an intruder, they would surely be happy the light goes out so fast - makes the video not nearly as useful ! Come on Ring - this one isn’t rocket science

With only 3 votes its not going to get the notice of Ring DEVs. After several hundred votes is usually when they’ll take notice.