Spotlight Cam keep light on >30s after motion detection

As others have said - when you drive up at night - the light goes out pretty much before you get out of your car - pretty useless unless it can be altered to stay on longer - with a solar powered supply, clearly this is not going to drain it anything significantly - and all the mechanisms are clearly available in the hard wired versions so it shouldn’t be a stretch to add to the solar powered spotlights ??? From a security point of view - if there was an intruder, they would surely be happy the light goes out so fast - makes the video not nearly as useful ! Come on Ring - this one isn’t rocket science


I agree. I just purchased the spotlight cameras and hoping to use as a light source. I purchased the solar powered supply as well. I was disappointed that it was only 30 seconds which is far too fast. Hoping this gains traction and we are able to decide manually how long to leave on or increase the timelimit.

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Hi @RING! Similar to many others comments here the 30s limit is a problem. Purchased a battery spotlight for my Mums back garden to provide lighting and security when she goes out in winter evenings. Would not have bought this model had I known it doesn’t stay on for more than 30 seconds at a time. Should I return item or will this be fixed/enhanced in next few months? Thanks. Otherwise a great product btw :+1:

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Agreed. 30 seconds is way too short for any security purpose whatsoever. When the light turns off, any remaining recorded video is useless if it can’t show what is happening in the dark. I too am very disappointed in the limit of this feature and would not have wasted money if this information was made available before purchase. Why does Ring consistently want to upset their customers?

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Totally agree with this. Please fix this

You have the capability and tech to extent on floodlights so please add this same feature for spotlights. Thanks!

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My flood light audiobook does not work

Spotlight Wired Cam Pro: I want to be able to adjust the time the light stays on after motion detected. Currently, it is just 30 seconds and cannot be overridden. I understand the need for this for battery cams, but this is hardwired (albeit the version that is battery cam with separate wiring kit).

I am sure this has been requested already. But after searching and scrolling through dozens and dozens of requests, I couldn’t find it.

Agreed, this limitation is a major disappointment. For at least the Wired/Solar applications, there should not be any reason for the light’s on duration to be limited to only 30 seconds (battery installs may be somewhat more understandable due to power limitations).

My best guess is this was a cost cutting measure by Ring, in that it is shipping the same core battery model camera for all install applications (e.g. hardwired, plug-in, solar), where the appropriate adapters are just included in the package depending on the model purchased.

It’s nice that Ring could come up with a way to standardize it’s internal inventory for this camera, but the problem is it’s customers are actually expecting a basic feature such as this when they are paying big money for a so-called Pro model.

I sure hope that RIng can come up with a software fix for this issue, otherwise I can see a lot of these Spotlight Cam Pros being returned to Ring from disappointed customers.

Just echoing what others have said. Users should decide how long the light can stay on (even if the battery dies that’s our choice). On the solar-powered version, you should be able to leave the lights on all night. No real danger of running out of power.

The Ring Spotlight Cam Pro, Plug-In should have the ability to set the length of time light stays on when motion is detected.
If I walk outside near the camera, I should be able to have the light stay on as long as I am walking in the area.

Also, the Ring Spotlight Cam Pro, Plug-In should have an audible warning when motion is detected that they are being recorded on video.

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I agree. I bought the spotlight cam battery so I have a light in the backyard when I take the dogs out at night. It would be nice to be able to adjust the duration for longer than 30 seconds.

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So, I have the regular spotlight cam and decided to but a “pro” version (my 4th device). I set the device up and was shocked to find that the light times out after 30 seconds, can’t leave it on manually. The light also stays on for only 30 seconds after it detects motion. The ability to leave the light on AND adjust the duration of the light after motion ARE features in the basic spotlight cam. How can Ring leave these basic features out of the “pro” version? While I have not measured the actual lumens, it also seems like the “pro” lights are dimmer compared with the lower model at max brightness. While I have seen surmise that the short timeout is needed for the battery model of the “pro” (which shares the same body as the wired), you CAN set a schedule to leave the light on with the “pro” model. Seems like the light features should be easy to add after all this time, and complaints about this issue which are all over the web (but sadly I did not see before my purchase). Please fix this!

Asked before but why limit the battery powered spotlight cam light to 30 seconds. Give users control. Let us set time options or even let it stay on until the battery dies. Why assume your users are too stupid to handle the light settings themselves.

When the spotlight light camera has battery but also has solar allow the light to be more than 30 secs like allow to to have the schedule feature as well not just the wired version.

Currently you cannot adjust the amount of time the lights stay on on the Cam.
While i understand why you chose 30 seconds, it should be made adjustable
by the consumer.

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I agree. I wasn’t aware before I bought this it’s limited to 30 seconds. This is unnecessary and makes this product unviable. People should not be buying this. This is not acceptable.

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This marks my fourth Ring camera purchase. A straightforward software update has the potential to delight customers. However, I am thoroughly disheartened by the company’s lack of action for three years, and I am now feeling the repercussions of that choice.

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Spotlight Pro
By far the biggest downfall especially with deliveries at night
Ring needs to let their customers to control their own light time how the need to

This should have been resolved a long time ago Ring. Discovered this night that light can only lit up for 30 seconds and there’s no option to set this according to owner preference. It’s a joke tbh.