Spotlight battery door open error

Hi. Iv just installed 3 spotlight cams. The first one is fine. The second one intermittently says battery door is open. The third says it all the time. Iv checked the doors and they click in place. Iv reset multiple times and no joy.

Are you absolutely sure the door is completely closed? Is it uniformly closed all the way around? Have you pulled out the battery, put them back in, make sure they fully click into place, and then close the door? I always make sure the door is sort of aligned with the base of the camera before trying to fully close it against the seal.


A sympathetic rant:
I have the same problem. I notice that all “answers” assume we don’t know how to close the battery compartment door. There is almost no troubleshooting info available; the one time I tried to call customer service all they could do was tell me to call back later.
I’m beginning to seriously regret putting so much money into Ring.

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Has anyone here found a fix for this. I just installed 2 cameras and 1 works great while the other keeps getting this error. I reset the connection and in the Chime Pro and Camera health it shows I have a great signal. After about 15 - 30 mins I get the error again. The Chime shows I have great signal and the camera shows RSSI-0(in green) with the Battery Door Open alert. Can’t figure this out and believe the camera is the problem.

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This happened to me after opening it up to put a new second battery into my wireless stickup cam. I went out and made double sure it was fully closed, it was. I left it alone for about 10-15 mins and went back out there and it was fine again.

My theory: certain ring devices ONLY refresh their “device health” status in the app when an event occurs (ie motion event, doorbell ring, etc) and NOT whenever you look at the Device Health for the device in the app (like it should be). So the door was closed, but the device hadn’t reported its “status” back to the app yet, so it was stuck showing as “open” still. In the 15 or so mins between when I last checked to ensure the battery door was closed and the time I went to fiddle with it again, the device itself had realized the battery door was actually closed, but just hadn’t reported its “Device Health” status back to the app yet. I went out there to check on it, which triggered a motion alert, which triggered the device to reassess its “device health” status and report it back to the app, which in turn finally made it show up correctly in the app.

TLDR; after ensuring the battery door is indeed closed, give it about 15 mins or so, trigger some kind of “event” on the device (motion event, doorbell ring, etc), and hopefully the problem will resolve itself.

Every time I contact Ring over this issue, they send out a replacement camera. In 4 weeks I’m now up to camera replacement 5, each time it seems ok, but then any attempt to add a second battery creates the problem. After the error, both batteries start to deplete fast and then I’m bombarded with constant notification messages saying that the battery door is open. I have multiple batteries and have tried switching them around etc. I’m lost at what to try next.

Hey neighbors! At this time, if your Spotlight Camera will not report the battery hatch as closed, please attempt the following:

  • Ensure there is no debris in the battery hatch and that the hatch is closed fully. It will make a clicking sound once lock and closed fully.
  • Press and hold the setup button on the Camera for 20 seconds to reset the device, then reconnect your Ring device .

If the above steps do not result in successful setup or operation of showing the battery hatch closed as after, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here . If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

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I find your response, extremely disappointing. Are you suggesting that i have received 5 cameras, each new, which all have debris. Or that i cant close a battery door and hear a click. If i phone ring, i will be sent yet another camera, which im sure will fail. I’m simply asking that ring shows they are acknowledging there is an issue that needs investigating as a matter of urgency. Having two batteries be depleted every 7days, lowers the life of the batteries. Im now on first name terms with the delivery person that drops a ring camera off each week, not to mention the pickup point for returning the previous failed camera. Please take this seriously, ive already noticed that reviews on amazon have other people experience the same issue, not to mention the ring forum users in various chat threads here, please listen and help. This is starting to feel like a Martin Lewis moment.


I agree. I have had 4 of the the same camera for 4 years no issues. Get a new one 2/2022 and tried all trouble shooting and still saying. Battery Door open.

Have been working on it for 2hrs.

Update: 6th replacement camera has arrived. Ring support said they would send out a new camera, the previous ones they said were stock, reconditioned. Straight away i noticed a difference. The camera design was like my existing working one. This means when you open the battery door. Its catch drops at the rear and also slightly from the front. Its works perfectly. This would suggest the issue is with a particular revision of their camera.


OMG! I think you’ve solved it. I can see exactly what you’re saying with my one working camera and one faulty camera.

How can we order the type that works? I need to ask for replacement camera number 3 but what’s the point if they send the faulty type again?

PLEASE Ring - do something about this.

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Hi there! Thank you so much for posting a description of the issue and its solution. In your accompanying photo, is the last camera in the lineup the version we should all insist upon?