Spotlight battery camera intermittently reports solar panel not connected

I have two spotlight battery cameras, each with an attached solar panel. The cameras reliably are charged to almost or fully 100% with the solar panel reported as “connected”. However, at times the panel on one or both cameras reports “not connected”. The reporting camera continues to report full charge so it’s likely the solar charging is working during this “not connected” situation. I’m sure the connections are secure and both cameras and panels are properly functioning. Anyone seen this issue and know the reason and/or solution?

I just made a post regarding this very thing. We’re just finishing an 11 pc install in which four are Spotlight cams and solar panel.
The last one of these put up about a week and half ago is doing what you described. Last Thursday this one was showing not connected. I went up to see about it with iPhone in hand. The second I literally touched the frame of the panel the message changed to connected. Lol. Well it’s been fine until I noticed it not connected not too long ago tonight.
When it first happened I saw a lot of people have this issue and I haven’t seen a definitive answer. Of course there could be many answers to different specific situations.
I hated to even post it as there’s quite a bit of complaints on this.
I don’t have a clue if it actually charged today. It’s showing 96% which is a lot but most of the time this particular one rarely does under 99.
What kills me is. I’m serious. I literally touched it with my hand and the app changed before my eyes. Lol.
I’ve Not really had any issues besides this but have had some questions. These folks have been very helpful for the most part. But this appears to be a sore subject for a lot of folks.
I’m waiting for a response. We started all this with our Security company installing. When they were finished I decided to add some more. If I had known how simple most of this is I would have done it all.
Back to the solar panel. If it’s not a goofy little something that goes away I’ll take it down and return for a replacement.
But I would like to hear back from someone. So far they’ve been pretty good. But my understanding the actual Customer Support folks are, well I’ll just stop there. Lol. Let’s see how this plays out.