Speed up the time for live view by loading a lower res video

Feature Request: Manual selection of video resolution

My ring doorbell WAS about 10m away from my wifi extender, the live view loads fine and normally it will take about 8sec to load

I have since relocated the wifi extender to next to Ring (within 1m) and I noticed that the load time has dropped significantly to around 4-5sec plus I also noticed that the live view stream itself is noticeably higher res than before the relocation.

My question is around setting the resolution to improve load time. Do we have an option to select the live video resolution so that the video loads even faster? So I am perfectly happy with the low res as long as I know what’s happening and be able to communicate quickly using the mic. I don’t need high res to see the person but I would love to have Ring app loads very quickly (1-2s).

Note: I am aware of Adaptive Video and Rapid Ring App but this does not give the same flexibility.