Speaker volume

It would be wonderful if the speaker volume on the Ring doorbell wasn’t set to almost mute. Nobody can hear me without putting their ear up to the doorbell, and me shouting on my end. Its obviously a known issue and these things aren’t exactly inexpensive…please provide a patch so it will work like we expect it to. That is my suggestion.

The speaker volume on my Ring Doorbell 2 is very, very, very low - and of no use to anyone ! It’s impossible to talk to anyone - which is meant to be a key feature of the product.

IS there a solution - PLEASE

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Same here. Volume is so low on the doorbell 2020 that it’s impossible to communicate.
This is such a basic thing it’s shouldn’t even be an issue to have to ask in the forums.


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same issue. doorbell without ability to have conversation makes this almost worthless

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