Speaker volume control for the stick up camera battery and flood light camera

Is it possible to set the speaker volume for the stick up camera battery or the flood light camera?

This is the volume when live view is active.

I’m sure this has been asked before, but I couldn’t find anything searching the site.


Good question @F50! There is not a volume adjustment control for these Cams at this time. When actively in a live view, or answering a live event, there are toggles to turn the microphone or the speaker on and off.

Consider this shared with the team, as you are correct, we’ve seen this request before and your continued interest adds value! :slight_smile:


When in live view I’m not able to hear anything, how do I enable please?

Hey @Gin. Are you ensuring that you are accepting the Live View call? Once you press the green phone icon at the bottom right of the Live View screen, please ensure you do not have the speaker icon muted, so this will eliminate the sound from playing for you. In the event you still cannot hear the Live View, please try turning off any Bluetooth devices that may be controlling the audio. Additionally, some phones treat a Live View like a phone call, and therefore you may need to hold the phone up to your ear to hear the person there and ensure your phone isn’t on mute/silent.

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Ah can you please tell me if I press the green button will the camera give a notification sound? Will the other end know that I’m viewing? The doorbell always has sound when I look. Thanks

Is it possible to set the speaker volume for the stick up camera? It has been 2 years since the initial post


Hey, @LRM3! This is indeed a common feature request from our neighbors, and one we’ve certainly shared with our teams here. Feel free to add to this request on our Feature Request Board. This way other neighbors can share their interest in one place, that we can organize and continue to share with our teams here. :slight_smile:

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First off we’re not your “neighbors” we’re your customers with legitimate requests. The Ring products are some of the more expensive systems. I would like to have volume control as well. No one can really here you through the battery cam and the siren on the alarm is not loud enough.
What is being done about this issue? Timeline? Is it even being worked on? Not looking for more cute conversation, looking for answers please.

Thank you.


Hi @MikeG67. As mentioned in this thread, you’re always welcome to post any suggestions or ideas to our Feature Request board, as this is how we can easily keep feedback all in once place to share with the appropriate teams. This particular request is already on the Feature Request board here. Regarding if or when certain features will be made available, we do not have a timeline or any specific dates to share in advance. Whenever we do have relevant information regarding the release of a new feature, we will share that in the appropriate threads.

I agree. I’m evaluating the Ring products before deciding to buy more. The speaker and siren are barely audible and therefore worthless. Though the sound of a whisper at night might make burglars think there is a ghost and scare them away.


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