Spare Parts for Doorbell 3 - Availability


Would someone be able to tell me when the accessory kit: “Spare Parts for Video Doorbell 3 and Video Doorbell 3 Plus” located here will be available?

I’ve spoken to 3 different agents now and I can’t get an answer. I have just purchased the Doorbell 3 plus, and I need this kit to mount on the existing Doorbell 1 bracket.

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Hey @leeroyster. After checking with the appropriate teams over the weekend, we still do not have an ETA on when these parts will be available. I’m in touch with these people still and have asked for an update as soon as they have one, and once we have that update, I will make sure to pass it onto you. Sorry for this inconvenience in the meantime, neighbor!

Website says the following but there is no link to the product to order and nothing in the accessories section:

“A separate Video Doorbell 1 adapter plate accessory is available now to make the Video Doorbell 3 backwards compatible with your Video Doorbell 1 mounting holes, so new drilling is not required. You can find this in the Spare Parts kit here.”

Can anyone advise how to order this? Called customer service but adviser had no clue about the product or how to order unfortunately. Thanks in advance.

I should also have said that I’m in the UK. I can see the relevant spare parts kit is available in the US online store but doesn’t appear to be in the UK store and I can’t order from the US store…

The item is now showing in the UK store but says “unavailable” to buy so I assume it will be available to purchase soon. Any estimate of when would be appreciated. Will hold off on buying the two video doorbell 3 pros that I need until then as no point in buying if I can’t install without drilling new holes.

Good Morning

Really want to buy the doorbell 3 plus today, but I couldn’t get a definitive answer from the support guys on the phone…

Does the doorbell 3 plus come included with a mounting plate that will allow me to mount it over an existing doorbell 1 plate? If not, are the drilled holes in the same position, or will I need to re-drill?

I notice the accessory kit here is unavailable, and I don’t want 6 holes in the same place on the brickwork.

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I notice you’ve not had any response to this at all, and as I’ve just asked the same question in the forum, I’m not confident I’ll be buying one any time soon…