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Hello Everyone,
I’m fairly new to your community and it’s great to know that there is a place I can go to get answers when I need them.
I bought a Ring 2ND Generation video doorbell a few months ago and then I was told that I could buy an extra battery so I can put that in when the other one is charging. So that’s what I did but it doesn’t go in as shown on the video? The silver outside cover of the doorbell has 8 little hex screws in the back but I can’t imagine they designed it so you would have to take those out? It’s Ring battery Model number 5AT3S3. Are there different model numbers for every doorbell? Thank yo0u

Hi @user31791. Apologies for any confusion here, but the Video Doorbell 2nd Generation does not have a removable battery. It has an internal battery that can be charged using the provided charging cable. You can learn more here. I’d recommend getting in touch with the retailer you purchased the Quick Release Battery Pack from to set up a return, as it is not compatible with the Video Doorbell 2nd Generation. If you purchased the battery from, check out our Return Policy for information on starting a return.

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Thank you Caitlyn for your help.

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