Spam Notifications and Fake Videos

Is there any way to selectively disable notifications? I’m tired of getting complaints about car break-ins two towns over when I wake up. It stresses me out. Worse, often the videos don’t even load, which makes me think the app is manipulating me to feel unsafe and there aren’t real reports to show in the first place. I ONLY want a notification for motion alerts and someone ringing the doorbell. I can’t find a way to do this in the app and iOS seems like it’s all or nothing. How do I resolve this?

Hi @avgjoe22. I’m sorry for any confusion. The notifications you’re referring to are from the Neighbors portion of the Ring app, which allows neighbors to post about safety-related concerns within their neighborhood. These notifications are controlled separately under the menu in the top left > Neighbors > tap the cog wheel in the top right and select Neighborhood Settings. From there, you will see options to control the content you see in your feed, and you can choose which notifications you want to receive, and when. I hope this helps!

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