Sound Siren on Amazon Echo

Is it possible to have the siren sound through an Amazon Echo? I have activated the Ring skill for Alexa, but I’m not finding a way to use my Echos to extend the sound of the siren on the base.

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Hi @MattHalley. I would try looking at this Help Center article here. This goes over the Alexa Guard Mode. Perhaps testing out Guard Mode for the Alexa could give you the desired result. Be sure to go into Self Monitoring while testing any new setups with the Ring Alarm to avoid any false alarms. You can switch to back Professional Monitoring at any time. I hope this helps!

Thanks for the lead, but Alexa Guard does not not support this function. Is there a Ring device that extends the sound of the siren into a room other then that where the alarm is plugged in? I.e Our alarm is set up in the den. We need to hear the siren in the bedroom. Thank you.

Hi @MattHalley. Sorry about that! The Ring Alarm Keypad and the Dome Siren can both be enabled to sound a siren in the event your Ring Alarm is triggered. I personally have a extra Keypad in my bedroom because it not only plays sounds, but I can easily arm/disarm if needed. I Hope this helps!

How do you enable the keypad to play the siren. I can see how to enable chirps but not the siren.

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Hi there, @Hopenova! The Keypad will sound the siren automatically. Much like the Base Station, the siren is not an option that can be altered and the volume cannot be changed. This siren will sound from both the Base Station and Keypad at it’s loudest, in the event of an emergency or Alarm siren trigger. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

There is a feature request on this topic. Vote it up here: