SOS Button Sharing


I came across this SOS button that is at the top right of my app. I think this is a cool feature, but you cant share it with anyone. I run the admin account for the company, and I can not share it with the owner or any executives. Can this problem be resolved? It will help if not just one person has access to the SOS button in case they are not at work, and there is a real problem.

Hey @NTkacz32. You can add anyone else as a shared user to the location! All you would need is to share them as a user with their email address, they can create a Ring account (or it will be linked to whatever Ring account they already have with said email address), and then they will have access to that feature. You can learn more about shared users here! As a shared user, they cannot make changes to the account’s settings, but will have access to arm/disarm the system and use the SOS feature!