Sorry but another Solar Panel problem on Spotlight

I hate to post this. I’ve been reading a ton on the subject and see a lot of complaints and aggravated people. Also I haven’t seen a definitive answer. I realize there can be and are different circumstances.
So please allow me to start fresh with my specifics.
I put a solar panel on the last Spotlight cam in our install. We have four total Spotlight cams with solar panels. Absolutely zero problems until this one. New equipment. This one has only been up maybe a week and half.
The app under Health has shown connected and all well until last Thursday I believe. Then started showing Not Connected just like many others have stated. From researching here I can say positive it is getting more than plenty sunlight. The connection was clean and solid I know as I did this myself. The one thing different I noticed was this and I think one more did not have the little security strap and two screws with stuff included with the panel. The other one has been working fine and it didn’t really seem like it was absolutely necessary anyway as the plug can’t just jump out nor did the thing seem to offer any further weatherproofing anyway. I believe I ran across a couple of posts that said theirs didn’t come with theirs either. Discontinued or something ? Anyway I don’t think that’s the problem anyway. Below is two actual screenshots from this thing. I did one before going up to check it out. And the other one showing Connected while up there. I had my app open on my iPhone while there. Here’s the wierd part. The moment I touched the solar panel itself The message changed. No wiggling of anything and it changed BEFORE I even touched the plug. I did check it afterward but that had nothing to do with it. This was done last Thursday btw.

I am able to access this one easily from the back of my truck. Looking at app on the phone. Literally put my hand on the frame of the solar panel and it went to showing connected.
It’s been fine and I kind of forgot about it. But tonight I just looked at it and it’s showing Not Connected again.
We’ve had no bad weather. No internet interruptions absolutely nothing like that. The other three are showing fine.

Screenshots below. Did I get a bad one??

Wow. This is wild. Here it is only a couple hours later and every Spotlight cam with Solar Panel I own which is four ALL have The Not Connected message. The first one in the post above is still showing 96%. The others are showing 100%
Ok. What’s up? Gremlins ??
They have always showed connected even at night when I’ve looked. But it’s not like I’ve watched them all night.
Soooo somebody toss me a bone. Do these things eventually show not connected at some point after dark??
The first time I saw this as mentioned above was broad daylight. So maybe a glitch on that one that went away after last Thursday? And tonight this one happened to be the first to show Not Connected?
Somethings got to be going on. Lol.
Well. No sleep tonight.
Seriously. What’s up with these things ???
And of course as always. Thanks in advance.

Well once again I’m going to post back to myself just so it may benefit somebody else
I watched my app like a hawk starting shortly after daylight this morning.
And one by one maybe 1/2 hour apart they started showing Connected again.
The wierd one was The last to do so.

So in MY case. They must do that at some point after dark??

If so…I graciously accept the Dummy award.


Hi @Arkar. Thanks for sharing such detailed information. One thing to call out here, the Solar Panel in the Ring app may not show as registered until you’ve reached 90% battery. At that point, the Solar Charger will then start charging your battery. I would continue to monitor it until your battery leaves reaches around the 90% point and see how it registers. Let me know if this works for you.

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I appreciate the response Tom and will certainly keep an eye on em.
I know this is a sore subject for some but apparently no real issue on mine. I did check them a couple of times thru the day and they were fine.
But I’m not gonna even bother until maybe 10 in the morning. Lol!!

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