Something Very Wrong

I wish two things: that I’d joined the Community before purchase, and that I’d never bought a Ring 3 Doorbell. With 70MB internet, three mesh extenders and 10 feet of fresh air between bell and mesh, I’m still seeing “poor WiFi”. The chime, a few feet away, has an excellent signal. Like others, I conclude this isn’t my system, but an inherent fault. If this isn’t illegal or immoral, it’s certainly shady trading to keep on selling with so many unresolved complaints. Does anyone from Ring ever read or respond to these posts? I’ve not seen one guaranteed fix, but I’ve seen lots of people giving up. Grrrr.

Hi @NxGuy. Under the Device Health section in your Ring app, what is the RSSI for your Ring Doorbell 3? Also, What type of surface is the Doorbell mounted to? Check around to see if there is any other electronic devices or any dense building material close by. These types of things can be causing interference. I would recommend taking note of your RSSI and then rebooting your internet router and checking the RSSI again to see if there was any improvement. I hope this helps!

The bell is on a wooden frame.

With the door wide open, there’s line-of-sight to my 70MB mesh system, but I still get -75 RSSI.

I tried a WiFi repeater only 5 feet from the bell, again with the door open, with the same result.

I re-booted both the router and the bell.

As many others have said, this isn’t my issue, it’s yours, and like the others, I’m close to giving up.