Someone stole my ring floodlight camera & has tried setting it up

I received two emails tonight from Ring stating someone has tried to register my device.

It was stolen from the side of my business’ roof at 4.30am yesterday morning.

They pointed up at the camera and said they were going to rip it off the wall, followed by violence to damage the camera & eventually ripped it off the wall!

We don’t even know them.

Anyway, I’d completed a police report yesterday of the theft, hadn’t reported it to Ring yet.

Got the 2 emails today from Ring - I’m assuming the thief tried using the camera.

I’ve since reported my device as stolen on Ring’s site & provided video links of the vandalism & theft.

I have the Protect Plus plan active on that camera currently.

Question is, can Ring block this device from ever being used? As it’s now marked as stolen?

2; can Ring provide police with the address or user info of the person trying to register the device? (Ie did they buy it from someone & lead to the thief).

This is the 2nd Ring Floodlight we’ve had stolen. Both installed 2.5-3M off the ground.

I’ve since had custom metal cages made to cover my cameras (& I will install at the 3.5/4m height mark) as I really like how Ring is cloud based & simple userface :slight_smile:

Hi @AaronJansz. To answer your first question, yes, once the theft process is complete, your device that was stolen will no longer be usable. As for your second question, I recommend going over this Help Center article that goes over our Ring law enforcement guidelines.

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